The North Face Tadpole 2 is the remodeled and streamlined update to a classic tent.  It sticks with the user-friendly features and form that made the original a staple in the backpacking world.

 I had a chance to try out the Tadpole 2 from The North Face and was very happy with the results.  The updated version is now lighter in weight and boasts a more livable interior space.  It does this with a unique pole design that creates more vertical side walls maximizing the livable space while also lowering the weight.  This makes the Tadpole 2 an excellent tent that is comfortable for two people or luxurious for one.  I was able to comfortably fit myself and all of my gear, with spare room if bringing a dog along.  Set up for this tent was simple and quick, taking less than 5 min. to fully assemble with only one person, and with a color coded corner, setting up after dark was hassle free.  The design of the tent also provides a stable structure during periods of bad weather with very little movement when fully staked out.  One of my favorite features of the Tadpole 2 was the front entrance and vestibule.  

Two person tents that have only one door, like the Tadpole 2, are nice because they can save weight, but getting in and out with another person inside can be a delicate task.  This is why I loved the Tadpole’s large front door.  It was easy to get in and out of and at no point did I fear that I would knee my camping partner in the face. I also didn’t feel like I was crawling through a doggy door, which is a major plus in my book!  Even with a well packed vestibule, it was still relatively easy to get in and out.

Roominess, ease of setup, and durability are great but they are not the only things one looks for in a backpacking tent.  Weight and packing size can be big factors while picking a tent and this is another area where the Tadpole 2 really shines.  At only 4 lbs. it is very lightweight particularly when splitting between two people.  If you’re like me you are always looking to conserve space in your pack where you can – this tent makes it easy.  With a compression sack I was able to get the tent’s canopy and fly down to the size of a mini soccer ball, making the Tadpole 2 a great choice for backpackers.

If your a frequent backpacker in the Ozarks you will also love how breathable this tent is.  With the lightweight fabrics used for the rain fly combined with two top vents and the multiple tie-down points around the bottom makes this a great tent for the many humid days we get in the Ozarks.  In conclusion, the Tadpole 2 from The North Face is a great tent for those looking for a lightweight, compact, roomy, inexpensive, breathable backpacking tent.

Reviewed by:  Aaron