Predator Fishing Kayak

The MX stands for “mixed water” meaning this boat is designed to be equally at home on lakes, ponds, or moving water rivers or streams.  The Predator MX is engineered with a small amount of additional rocker and a more blunt bow to allow it to be mor maneuverable in river use.  It also incorporates a wide open Exo-Ridge deck perfect for tackle management and spacious comfort.  Those looking for a shorter sporting kayak built with stability and customization in mind will love the Predator MX.


We LOVE river fishing out of the Predator MX. Fly fisherman especially love the wide open casting deck of the MX. If you've ever wanted to step away from shore without waders, the MX is the boat for you. Avoid back-casting into trees and get to areas you could't reach before.


  • Performance Crafted Tri-Hull

  • Slip Resistant Exo-Ridge deck

  • Scupper holes

  • 6 removable mounting plates

  • Rod tip holders & rod retainer bungees

  • Exo-Ridge tank well

  • Side-mount paddle storage

  • Molded paddle rest

  • Large bow hatch with click seal cover

  • Dual tackle holders

  • Stand-up assist strap